Sunday, 15 January 2012

It's a dogs life.

This cake was a last minute order as it was for an engagement party.
The couple have a white dog, and they wanted it incorporated into their cake. So I was told to make a big dog with the couple on the top and some form of a marriage contract too.
I was so nervous about carving the shape of the dog as I either got it right or wrong. I felt under a lot of pressure!  

One thing I got out of this cake was that my ability to make people figurines has definitely improved since my first attempt!
I don't have a photo showing the head which is just as well as it was awful! I had googled many ways to make a dogs head and everyone seemed to make them out of styrofoam - which unfortunately wasn't available to me. So I had to make it just out of fondant which was far too heavy, and wasted loads of it. I noticed the head was far too small but unfortunately that was the last of my white fondant.
 I'll know for again.


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