Saturday, 7 July 2012

The A-Z of Hazel

Not typically baking related but thought I'd do it for fun! 

Age: 17
Bed Size: Double. I like to sleep smack bam in the middle. 
Chore You Hate: Washing up after making a mess in the kitchen! 
Dog: Black Labrador called Jäger [yay-gar] after the drink. My brother's idea! 
Essential Start To Your Day: Breakfast I guess. 
Favourite Colour: Purple or turquoise! 
Gold or Silver: Silver! 
Height: 5ft 3"
Instruments I Play:  Attempted to learn piano and the accordion. Can play 'Oh when the saints' on the tin whistle.
Job Title: Amateur baker.
Kids: 0
Live: Roscommon, Ireland.
Mum's name: Momma Bear. 
Nickname: Don't really have one. People call me 'Hazel-nut' but I hate it! 
Overnight Hospital Stays: Burnt my foot when I was 2 and broke my elbow when I was 7.
Pet Peeves: Scraping a fork off a plate & Anne Hathaway.
Quote From A Movie: "Your're a wizard Harry" 
Right or Left Handed: Right
Siblings: Brother Trevor & Sister Orla
Time You Wake Up: Afternoon!
Underwear: Is a hygienic requirement.
Vegetable You Dislike: Sweet Corn.
What Makes You Run Late: Television programs and not paying attention to the time!
X-Rays You've Had: My elbow.
Yummy Food You Make: All things baked!
Zoo Animal: Elephants! 

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