Friday, 7 October 2011

You've got Mail!

Being the proud mother she is, my mam was showing off this very blog in her office at work. Her colleague seen the picture of the cake I made for my best friends sweet 16th birthday and asked that I made one like it for her daughters 11th birthday. 
I wanted to really step up with this cake as I didn't think the one I made for my friend was as good as it could be. Particularly I wanted to improve on the bow. Because I thought the other one was quite shapless, there was no texture to it. 

I thought I achieved what I wanted with the bow, I thought it was a lot more pretty. With the Happy Birthday wish I attempted to make it look like a stamp on the top right corner of the present. How ever I don't think that came across. 

On the side I have a "Priority Mail" sticker. This is a personal touch as the young girls last name is 'Prior' so I [I say I, but in reality it was my mothers idea] decided to add this as it was a parcel so I thought along with the stamp it would look good. 
The family was very happy and that's what counts!


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