Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Dora The Explorer!

I have made many treats but I was over the moon when my boyfriends sister asked me if I would make her daughters 3rd birthday cake. 
I was really nervous as someone was paying money for what I made so I wanted it to be perfect! 
All I was told was to have it, 'Dora the Explorer' themed. 
I researched loads and decided to make Royal Icing transfers, and just place them along the edge of the cake. However, as I had not done these before, and me having the worst luck in the world, they broke when I went to remove them! 
So from that, I decided just to make the Dora figure, and the monkey figure just out of Sugar Paste icing. 

I wasn't entirely happy with the Dora figure, I thought she looked much older then she should. 

Overall, I was quite happy with the cake, and so was everyone at the party.


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