Monday, 3 October 2011

Starting Off ..

Welcome to my Blog - featuring my extremely amateur treats from my kitchen.

I'm only 16 so I don't know the science behind anything. I learn mostly from watching 'Ace of Cakes' and research on the internet. For me, it's mostly trial and error, and if I'm lucky, improvement. 

This is the first decent cake I made. It was for my sisters 19th birthday in May. Even though it's only a fresh cream cake, I was still delighted with it! 
My boyfriends birthday is on the very same day, so this was then made for him. Not as good, but he was still happy with it!

Here are some of the other cakes I've made to date :
This was for my sisters boyfriends 20th birthday.

This was for my eldest brothers birthday. He is a big Liverpool fan!

This Micky Mouse cake was then for my brothers friends birthday.

My father drives a lorry for a living, which was the inspiration for his birthday cake. 

My best friends sweet 16th birthday cake. I went with the 'present' theme as it was her birthday present from me. 

I made this cake for my aunt in-laws first day in her new house. 

I entered this cake in the local agricultural show in the area. I decided to do a GAA football as our local team was in the county semi-final the following weekend. I got 1st prize! 

I also entered 'Cookie Monster' and 'Elmo' cupcakes. 

I have made lots of cupcakes for tea-mornings at my mams work place: 


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