Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I made a cake this week for my best friends sisters 21st birthday. Whether they agreed to have me make the cake because of my ability or my friends persistence, I'll never know. 
They asked for a GUESS handbag, and a GUESS handbag they got! 

It was going to be the biggest cake I had ever made so I was really worried about being able to cover it with fonant. But I got there in the end. 

I put Zola on each end as I wasn't going writing 'Happy Birthday' on the cake so it was just a little personal touch. 

Being just 16 and not having a notion about the correct was of decorating a cake, there are mistakes in all my baking. There was a crack in the fondant at the back, which I hadn't a clue how to fix. So I created a pocket at the back to cleverly cover my error. 

I attempted to get a quilted effect on the cake, but that didn't exactly work out. That will be put on the top of my Google search list. 

I made some lipstick out of icing I had left over from other cakes. The idea of this was to have it looking like the birthday message was wrote with the lipstick. I also put the number of the lipstick as 21! 

I also made vanilla cupcakes!

 The family were very happy with the cake and it went down a treat at the party!



  1. Hi Hazel, do you know about CakeCentral.com? It is a free online forum where you can see lots of user submitted cake pictures, read hundreds of tutorials, and actively communicate with other decorators of all skill levels. Check it out!