Sunday, 30 October 2011


I follow several cake blogs, who post new blogs every week of LOADS of cakes! I however, am lucky if I have one cake to post in a week! 
This week I had a John Deere Tractor cake to make. 
I was nervous when I agreed to do this this as it isn't your ordinary cake. But I chanced it, and I like to think I succeeded! 

When I was finished I decided to put the left over cake under/around the cake to make it look like it was stuck in mud. I also pipped a little bit of green coloured butter cream icing to look like grass. 

Overall, I thought the cake was good for a first attempt at a tractor.
I hope my next tractor isn't as stressful to make! 


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  1. Hi Hazel! I just found your blog and wanted you to know you have made some awesome cakes and you are very talented, especially to only be 16! Keep practicing and soon you will be turning away cake orders! And if you like making vehicle cakes, I highly recommend getting Mike McCarey's Cakenology Vol 1 DVD. He walks you through making custom car cakes! I'll be back to see more of your creations!